A bullet should cost as much as a cigarette

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The tobacco settlement some years back was based on the premise that smokers, and not U.S. taxpayers as a whole, should be the ones responsible for healthcare costs associated with smoking. In a similar fashion, I believe that gun owners should have to bear the costs of health care for victims of gunshot injuries.

The price of a 22-caliber bullet right now is about five cents. Many higher caliber bullets cost no more than fifteen to thirty cents each.

Compare that with the cost of cigarettes in Chicago — presently over ten dollars a pack, or fifty cents per cigarette.

I believe that a bullet should cost at least as much as a cigarette. Accordingly, I advocate for a gun and ammunition settlement whereby the firearm industry (via its consumers) will cover health care costs for those injured by guns.

Gunshot injuries are not some sort of cost-of-doing-business for the general public to bear. Strict liability doctrines should apply to gun ownership.

In other words, guns are so inherently dangerous that even otherwise blameless owners and users of firearms should share in the costs of making taxpayers whole for gunshot injuries, irrespective of whether those injuries are accidental or criminal.

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